Current research

  • Contemporary trends in IHRM – statute research project
  • Women Participation in the Labour Market on Rehearsal – European “Erasmus For All” Project
  • Human capital as the company’s value element – Grzegorz Łukasiewicz (PhD) individual project in cooperation with PARP and Warsaw School of Economics
  • International assignments as knowledge transfer mechanism in foreign subsidiaries of multinational enterprises – Joanna Purgał-Popiela (PhD) individual research project within “Sonata 4” (NCN grant)
  • Effectiveness of SME’s investments in development – Urban Pauli (PhD) individual research project within “Sonata 4” (NCN grant)
  • Women 50+. Knowledge talents. 
  • Young Researchers Team under patronage of The Committee on Labour and Social Policy Sciences of the Polish Academy of Science – Joanna Purgał-Popiela (PhD) and Grzegorz Łukasiewicz (PhD) membership