Prof. dr habil. Aleksy Pocztowski

Academic teacher and researcher in the field of Human Resource Management, Labour Markets and Human Resource Development. Main fields of interest are: Transformation of HR-Function, Strategic and International HRM, Performance Management, Leadership, Talent Management, Diversity Issues. Chair of Human Capital Management Department at the Cracow University of Economics (CUE). He served as a Dean of the Economic and International Relations Faculty at the CUE (2002-2008). His current position is a Vice-Rector for Research at the CUE. Member of the Management and Organisation Committee and the Labour Studies & Social Policy Committee of the Polish Academy of Science in Warsaw. The former scholarship holder of DAAD and Volkswagen Foundation (Germany).

He was awarded with the title “Man of the Year in HR in Poland” (2008). 


Prof. UEK dr habil. Alicja Miś

Academic teacher and researcher in the field of management. She obtained her academic titles at Cracow University of Economics. A graduate of sociology at the Jagiellonian University in the field of sociology and political science. Her academic interests focus on Human Resource Management especially in the field of individual development and career management. She is also interested in social science methodology concerning methods and techniques applied in Human Resource Management.


Dr Tomasz Sapeta

The alumni of Cracow Academy of Economics (MSc in economy, specialization: work economics and social policy). The author of PhD thesis titled “The employment’s rationalization in the restructuring program” defended at the Faculty of Economics (CUE). The Head of post-graduate studies at Human Capital Management Department ( Human Capital Management for the Police, Coaching Academy) and Teaching Quality Coordinator at Cracow School of Business. An university lecturer, trainer, consultant and an expert of human resources management, personnel consulting, management, restructuring programs and personnel audit. Co-author of projects dedicated to economic units in the field of HRM including: recruitment, appraisal systems, remunerations, job evaluation and personnel audit. author and co-author of many publications dedicated to restructuring programs and HRM. His research interests concentrate on remuneration management, personnel audit and HRM in the Sector of Public Administration.


Dr Joanna Purgał-Popiela

Ph.D. in economics (management science), an adjunct professor at Cracow University of Economics (Chair of Human Capital Management); member of “Young Researchers Team ”  - an long-term initiative under patronage The Committee on Labour and Social Policy Sciences of the Polish Academy of Science; editorial commitee member of “Entrepreneurial Business & Economics Review”; research manager of the project: “International assignments as knowledge transfer mechanism in foreign subsidiaries of multinational enterprises”, financed by National Science Center.
Her research interests concentrate on cross-border knowledge transfer within multinational companies, international aspects of strategic and human resource management, knowledge and intellectual capital management.



Dr Beata Buchelt

The alumni of the Higher School of Business – National- Louis University in Nowy Sącz (undergraduate degree), Jagiellonian University (master degree) and the Maastricht School of Management in Maastricht (Master of Business Administration degree). She received the degree of doctor of economics in management sciences in 2006 at the Faculty of Economics and International Relations, Cracow University of Economics. Dr. Beata Buchelt is also long-term lecturer at the Cracow School of Business of the Cracow University of Economics, teaching at post-graduate studies, Executive MBA and International MBA. Visiting lecturer at Roosevelt University, Chicago, USA, CERAM Sophia Antipolis, School of Business, France and Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Associate auditor of the national competition Leader in Human Resources Management, organized by the Institute of Labor and Social Studies in Warsaw. The lecturer, consultant and trainer in the field of human resource management, strategic management, performance management, human resources management in the healthcare. The author of numerous publications devoted to human resource management. 


Dr Grzegorz Łukasiewicz

A graduate of the Cracow University of Economics (CUE) – Faculty of Management and Marketing, specialization: accounting. He received the degree of doctor of economics in management sciences in 2007 at the same Faculty. The author of PhD thesis titled “The human capital in the realization of the personnel function. Methodology of measurement and reporting”. Member of “Young Researchers Team ”  - an initiative under patronage The Committee on Labour and Social Policy Sciences of the Polish Academy of Science.  Author and co-author of many publications dedicated to Human Capital Management (HCM).

His research interests concentrate on human resources accounting, human capital measurement and reporting, measurement of effectiveness in human capital management. 


Dr Małgorzata Machaczka

A graduate of the University of Economics in Cracow. She started her career working in the Office of the Marshal of the Malopolska Region Department of Strategy Development. Then professionally involved with the University of Economics in Krakow, where he began working as an assistant. In 2009 she obtained a PhD degree. The dissertation was titled “The organizational culture of Polish enterprises”. From the year 2009 holds the position of assistant professor at the University of Economics in Cracow. It deals with the problem of organizational culture and its influence on the development, operation and success of the organization.


Dr Marcin Karwiński

Graduate of University of Economics in Krakow (MSc in International Relations specialization European Studies). Ph.D. in economics (management science), title of the thesis “Effectiveness of sports teams based on polish football clubs”. Author of numerous publications on sports management and information systems in Human Resources Management. His main area of studies and research interests is sports management and research methods in management. 


Dr Urban Pauli

Graduate of Cracow University of Economics in the field of Human Resource Management. He started his academic career in 2005, previously employed in an HR consulting firm. Obtained his PhD in 2012 having written a thesis entitled “The role of personnel trainings in SMEs’ development.” His academic interests focus on: human capital development, motivation, competencies models and SMEs management. He is the tutor of post-graduate studies in Human Resources Management, School of Business Trainers and School of Coaching run by Krakowska Szkola Biznesu (Cracow Business School). For over 10 years he has been running trainings and consulting projects for companies, administrative institutions and non-profit organisations.


Mgr Anna Rychwalska

Graduated from the Cracow University of Economics ( the faculty of International Relations, msc studies) and The Pontifical Academy of Theology in Cracow (postgraduate studies of journalism). She has been engaged in Department of  Human Capital Management since 2008. She gathered professional experience working at London organization, which is a part of international education network and also at international corporation in motor sector. She led the research on personnel fluctuation problem and ways of keeping employees at organization, trends in designing remuneration system and expatriation process. Her research interests concentrate on the following areas: labour market, motivational function of rewards, employer branding, as well as work-life balance programs. 


Mgr Iwona Kubica

Graduated in 2007 from Cracow University of Economics (HRM specialization), defending the thesis dedicated to HRD. She has been working as an Assistant Researcher at Cracow University of Economics, in the Human Capital Management Department since 2008 and as a coordinator of post-graduate studies in the field of HRM since 2009. She gained her professional experience in HR Department and subsequently in training and consulting companies working as a co-trainer and consultant. A member of „MATRIK” – Management Consultants and Trainers Association and a certified vocational advisor. Her research interests concentrate on diversity and adaptation processes in multicultural organizations.



Mgr Beata Pasek

Jest absolwentką Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego gdzie na Wydziale Filozoficznym w roku 2008 uzyskała tytuł magistra socjologii o specjalności „praca socjalna”. Pierwsze doświadczenie zawodowe wiążą się z pracą w Ośrodku Pomocy Społecznej; od listopada 2008 r. rozpoczęła pracę w Uniwersytecie Ekonomicznym w Krakowie i dołączyła do zespołu pracowników Katedry Zarządzania Kapitałem Ludzkim.